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6 Unexpected Benefits of Roller Shutters at Home

If you’ve never considered roller shutters for your home but you’re concerned about security, it might be time to look at this brilliant option.

Whether you’re concerned about crime in your area or simply want to up your security game at home, residential roller shutters are one of the best ways to do so without spoiling the aesthetics of the property.

Despite this, you’re probably wondering why you’d head down this route. Which is fair enough, because, like so many people, you’re probably not aware of the following unexpected benefits of roller shutters.


  1. They’re remote controllable

There are few things cooler than being able to press a button and watch as the world slowly reveals itself from behind your shutters.

Modern roller shutters can be operated by remote control. It’ll make you feel like Tony Stark, but it’s also massively convenient, and makes them a joy to use.


  1. They can be built into your home automation

If you’re just getting into home automation or have spent the last few years building your own little tech haven at home, roller shutters might be the missing piece of the jigsaw.

As noted above, modern roller shutters are remote controllable, but this is also possible from your smartphone. More importantly, you can link them up to home automation systems like Alexa for full voice control.


  1. They let the light in – if that’s what you want

If you’d like natural light to continue entering your property even when the shutters are closed, that’s possible, too.

It’s possible to install roller shutters which have something called ‘vision’. This enables light to enter your property whether the shutters are up or down and helps you make the most of those sunny days.


  1. They’re a great burglar deterrent

Reports suggest that countryside crime is on the rise in parts of the UK.

Thankfully, the chances of your home being broken into remain pretty low, but it pays to be vigilant – particularly if you live in an area where there’s a high rate of crime.

Roller shutters are brilliant deterrents. Think about it – if you were an opportunistic thief, would you approach the house which clearly takes security seriously? Or the one with exposed windows?

The best thing about roller shutters is that they do this effortlessly and without ruining the overall look of your home.


  1. They can be powder coated

Sticking with the aesthetic theme, did you know that roller shutters can be powder coated?

That means they can be reproduced in pretty much any colour of your choosing. This is great for businesses who want to maintain their brand colours throughout the building, but pretty useful at home, too.

For instance, if your property has a specific look and feel you want to retain, colour probably plays a big role. You can therefore rest safe in the knowledge that the right roller shutters will blend in effortlessly.


  1. They’re super compact

Long gone are the days when roller shutters were bulky, ugly, and capable of completely dominating the windows and doors to which they were attached.

Now, modern roller shutters are super compact. The box into which they automatically retract (remember, either at the press of a button or via your Alex device) is just 200mm by 200mm. It’s therefore not intrusive at all; you barely know they’re present when fully opened.

Have we tempted you? If you’ve got any further questions about security shutters for your home or would like to hear more about our stunning range, just get in touch with the Horizons team, today.