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A Sectional Garage Door – What is it?

When you think “garage door”, you probably think up-and-over or electric roller. They are, after all, the most common versions you’ll spot on streets and houses throughout the UK.

They’re not always the best option, though. For instance, have you considered a sectional garage door? It’s a great way to create a statement piece, but packs in tonnes of functionality, too.

Let’s get into the reasons a sectional garage door might be the perfect choice for your home.


Sectional garage doors: a quick definition

Sectional garage doors are very similar to roller garage doors. Although they come with a horizontal option, they usually open vertically, and take up limited space in front of the garage while open.

It’s the same story inside when they’re fully open. This is because sectional garage doors benefit from an incredibly smart design. Their separate sections (hence the name) simply run onto vertical and horizontal tracks which recess into the back of the garage.


Two big benefits of sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors offer two significant benefits that could make a big difference to your home:

  • they open without any protrusion into the driveway, which means you can park right up to the door and avoid having to move your car when you need to open the door; and
  • once fully opened, they take up limited space within the garage itself.

You’ll benefit from a full width opening, too, which means there’s still the option to park your car in the garage and gain fast, convenient access whenever you need to retrieve it.


Why do people choose sectional garage doors?

Chances are that a sectional garage door wasn’t at the top of your list before you discovered this guide. In fact, you may never have heard of this type of garage door.

So, why do people opt for them over roller shutters and up-and-overs?

Security often plays a big role in this decision. While all modern garage doors are super-secure, there’s something extra special about the impenetrable look of a sectional garage door. Certainly, they’re among the most secure on the market.

Sectional garage doors are also brilliant at keeping your garage cool or warm, depending on the season you’re in. They do this thanks to thick foam insulation which sits behind the steel panels, making them one of the most energy-efficient garage doors money can buy.

If you’re concerned about sound either escaping from the garage or entering from outside, a sectional garage door can help you there, too. The aforementioned insulation works brilliantly for sound deadening, making sectional garage doors a great choice if you undertake noisy work inside the garage.

Styled the way you want them

One of the biggest advantages of sectional garage doors is the fact they come in a range of styles to suit every taste.

It’s easy to find a sectional garage door which matches the existing decor of your home. It’ll also add handsomely to the property’s aesthetics.

Sectional garage doors are even available with built-in window panels if you wish to maximise how much natural light enters the space.

White is one of the most common choices for sectional garage doors, but you can also choose from woodgrain effect and real wood if that’s more your thing. And they don’t stop there, either – there’s lots more styling options to choose from to completely match your taste.

To find out more about our sectional garage doors, or to ask any lingering questions you may have, just get in touch with the friendly, knowledgeable Horizons team.