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8 Ways to Protect Your Garage from Burglars

It’s comforting to hear that there were nearly 40,000 fewer household burglaries in England and Wales last year compared to the year before.

That doesn’t mean any of us can get complacent, though. Because, as unlikely as it may be that your home will be burgled, you can inadvertently make your little kingdom far more tempting for opportunist thieves.

For instance, garages are often sought after as entry points for burglars, and without leaning on the tips below, yours might be less secure than you think.

1. Install security lights

Security starts with visual deterrents, and few are as visceral or direct as lighting.

It’s one of the oldest methods for home security, but one which is still totally relevant and effective today. It’s also pretty inexpensive.

2. Add cameras

Continuing the visual deterrent theme, cameras (whether functional or fake) are a great way to deter thieves.

Think about it; if you were an opportunistic burglar, would you go for the house which clearly has a camera or the one with zero cameras visible?

You can even get cameras these days which connect to your smartphone and record securely to the cloud for round-the-clock security, no matter where you happen to be.

3. Look for the right labels

If you’re buying a new garage door, make sure it includes one of the following labels:

  • Secure by Design
  • Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)

Both indicate that the product has been built to the highest security standard and provide you with ultimate peace of mind as a homeowner.

4. Tick the multiple-point locking box

There are lots of options you can choose from when buying a new garage door, but there’s one in particular which will raise your security game considerably.

Multiple-point locking on main garage doors and side doors (more on that in a moment) makes them much, much harder to break into. But remember to ask what other optional extras are available for security purposes, and if your budget can stretch – stretch it!

5. Take into account side access

It’s easy to forget the importance of side access to your garage when it comes to security.

These doors are often viewed as more of a tempting entry point for burglars, simply because they’re usually more accessible and hidden from view.

This is why it’s vital you invest wisely in a great personnel door for your garage – don’t skimp on this important security element.

6. Don’t give them an easy route

Burglars will always look for the path of least resistance when it comes to garages, and you may have unwittingly provided the ideal route for them.

These people will take advantage of anything if it helps them make their way into your garage. That includes your garden; if your landscaping presents foliage, trees, or plants nearby the garage entrance, that could be used as cover by burglars.

If that’s the case, trim it all back and ensure there’s plenty of clear space around the garage entrance.

7. Hide your stuff

This one is easy. If you can see into your garage from outside, make sure your valuables are hidden from sight.

In fact, it makes sense to do this regardless of how visible they are from outside, because if someone does get in, they’ll have to spend longer finding what they want, and there’s more chance of them giving up.

8. Invest in the best garage door you can afford

It really does pay to invest as much as you can afford in your garage door. It’ll pay back in ultimate peace of mind, aesthetics, and long-lasting durability.

From roller doors to traditional up-and-overs, modern garage doors are built with security in mind, but it’s easy to buy cheap, and that never works out well in the long run.

Need help choosing a super secure garage for your home or business? Just get in touch with the Horizons team – we’d love to help.

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Is your garage secure?

is your garage secure

Is your garage secure?

With an increase in crimes in the countryside and in more rural areas like Leamington Spa and Warwick. It is now more important than ever to keep your home and business safe by ensuring your garage is secure. Whether the garage is storage for an old project car, a place you keep your day to day car, it needs to be secure – especially if it has an access into your home.

Here we will be giving you some tips on how to keep your garage safe and it not be a weak point of your property.

Leave your keys and garage remotes in a safe place

Do not leave your keys and remote on view in the house. How many of us walk into the house and drop the keys on the side right next the door or on the surface in the kitchen? I’d wager there is a fair few of us that do it – I know I used to be guilty of it.

An extremely common way of stealing cars in this age is to simply break into your house, take the keys off the side and just walk outside and drive off in your car. Something as simple as keeping your keys and garage remote (if you have an electric garage door) in a safer location can prevent this kind of burglary ending in your car disappearing off the drive.

Alarm systems and visual deterrents

One of the best way to deter a burglary is to have a good alarm system and cctv installed. This can alert you to a presence on your driveway, sound the alarm if someone tries to force entry and generally make a noise that means they are a on a very limited time frame.

Update your locks on your windows and doors. A lot of properties have older windows and doors and the locks are very easy to force or easy to pick. A modern lock replacement will solve this. Keeping your windows and doors locked is another easy yet essential practice!

Visual deterrents can be just as good a prevention as physical security. If you have cameras dotted around, lighting and even security shutters or grilles on the doors and windows it is not going to be an appealing target for the prospective burglar. They want a quick and easy job. Everything you can do to make it less appealing for them is a fantastic way of ensuring your belongings stay YOURS.

Get a secure garage door and entrance door

If you choose a secure door for your garage or front of home this will give you a good defense against intrusion.

Horizons offer a range of the most secure entrance doors and garage doors on the market with a number of different styles and colours available.

Which type of entrance door is best for you?

Our Hormann entrance doors speak for themselves. With RC 3 Standard for all their aluminium and steel entrance doors, they are some of the most secure on the market. Alongside the incomparable aesthetics that Hormann provide and full thermal and acoustic insulation, they are a statement piece for the front of your house.

What type of Garage Door is ideal for you?

Sectional Garage Door

The most secure type of garage door, a sectional garage door. With a vertical close, this door allows maximum space on your drive as you can pull right up to the door. With one of the best headroom options of any garage door, this is ideal for tall vehicles. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation with the steel 42mm thick panels means heat is kept in during the winter and kept cool in the summer. With our electric options it’s a simple as the press of a button and your garage is extremely secure. With a 10 year warranty and secure by designed there is no better option to keep your possessions and car safe.

Roller Garage Door

With a vertical close this is the ideal door if space on your driveway is limited, or inside your garage. With the door rolling up into a box above your opening it is a compact solution and allows for maximum use of the space inside your garage. Most of our installs are fully motorised with access obtained with the push of a button. Fully CE marked and secured by design as standard with insulated slats to keep your garage warm. If you are lacking any electricity, we do also provide a manual option for you.

Up & Over Garage Door

A traditional and sturdy option for your garage these doors open up into the opening forming a canopy just onto your driveway. Available in a number of styles and colours to suit your property. These doors have an option for 4 point locking for that extra security.

Side Hinged Garage Door

A simple yet sturdy and traditional look for your garage. If space inside is limited then these garage doors are ideal for you. With multiple security options and also available as insulated the choices are endless. With a number of style and colours to choose from to match your property these steel doors are extremely secure and offer a good solution for high footfall garages due to their easy access.

Get in touch with us for anymore information. We supply and install our security products and garage doors in Leamington Spa & Warwick and the surrounding areas.