Retractable Awnings

retractable awning

Enjoy the outside of your home all year round with one of our bespoke retractable awnings.
Be in control of the sun, shade and rain.

Imagine being able to enjoy the outside of your home all year round without a single worry about the wind or rain spoiling proceedings – it sounds almost too good to be true, right?

With a retractable awning from Horizons, you can do just that. Our bespoke awnings will put you in control of the sun, shade, and rain.


How do retractable awnings work?

Our retractable awnings provide an effortless way to protect your family and garden furniture from the wind, sun, and rain.

They simply extend automatically with the press of a button and retract when they’re not needed. Some of our awnings even feature wind sensors for full peace of mind.

We understand that the aesthetics of your home are of paramount importance, which is why our awnings are unobtrusive. The smart cassettes into which the awnings retract are non-bulky and blend perfectly into the exterior of any home.


What are the benefits of retractable awnings?

We’ve all experienced those sunny spring and summer days when we head outside to enjoy the heat. But you don’t want to get sunstroke. And then the sudden onslaught of wind and rain spoils your enjoyment!

One of the biggest benefits of retractable awnings is that they enable you to enjoy more of your garden or outdoor area more often. The ability to either fully or partially extend them means you can create just the right amount of shade, whenever it’s needed.

Our retractable patio awnings are resistant to the wind and rain, but also make a perfect sunshade for those long, hot summer days.


Fully bespoke and refined

Our custom designed awnings are built to your exact specifications and can be adapted to suit your outdoor space perfectly.

From integrated LED lights, to effortless automation and built-in heaters, you can make your awning as unique as you need it to be – and perfect for your home or business premises. Our expert design team will help you every step of the way.

We call on leading manufacturers for the awnings we supply, including Erhardt Markisen and Markilux. Each awning comes with a long warranty period, too, for ultimate peace of mind.

For more information on our range of electric awnings please see our product brochures below:

K Awnings are one of our most popular standard electric retractable awnings. They’re available in up to five metres wide and three metres in projection. Featuring a full cassette and coming with a wind sensor and remote control as standard, they’re the premium awning solution.

KD Awnings are for large shading areas with a maximum width of seven metres and projection of four metres. Available as a double awning with drop-down screen, they also come with wind sensors and remote control as standard. These versatile awnings are a fantastic addition to your outdoor space.

Q Awnings are the ultimate modern awning. With integrated lighting and sizes of up to seven metres wide and four metres projection, these modern and stylish awnings come with wind sensors and remote control as standard.

Veranda Awnings

Veranda awnings

Our beautiful selection of veranda retractable awnings are made from high-quality aluminium and stainless steel components, which makes them weather-resistant.

The slim design provides an attractive addition to any outdoor space, such as a veranda, balcony or terrace. An additional rain cover is available.

With its outstanding technology, sleek design and modern fabric collection, this really is a gorgeous solution to enhance your outdoor space.

For more information and technical information about these products please download our brochures below:

Our PMLite pergola awnings are our most compact model. With a built in guide rail system for the awning this gives it full wind protection and allowing an unobtrusive mixture of terrace roof and awning whilst able to remain in use even in windy conditions. With a high quality powder coated aluminium structure and a wide choice of colours and fabrics this veranda awning looks fantastic.

Our PM awnings are our premium veranda awnings. With all the features of the PMLite but with added customisation available. Our PM Awnings can be joined up in numerous units to cover a larger area and are also able to be fitted with vertical awnings on the sides allowing a fully enclosed and shaded area.

Vertical Awnings

Vertical awnings

Our vertical electric awnings provide privacy and sun protection: perfect for any outdoor living space.

Vertical awnings can be mounted directly on façades (such as a glass façade or window), pergola awnings, patio roofs or conservatories. They can be moved up and down manually (with a remote control) or via sensors, thereby providing you with the optimum protection from overheating and blinding sunlight. The specially designed cloth also make it possible to look out, but protects against prying eyes from the outside.

This beautiful, modern design makes it possible for our vertical awnings to also be used as a visual enhancement to your outdoor living space.


Please take a look at our brochures below for technical information and visualisation:

Our V awnings offer a sleek and modern looking vertical awning. With a range of fabrics including our Soltis range which allow you to see out while preventing curious glances. These offer the optimum UV protection all housed in a weatherproof cassette and stylish stainless steel wire guide and drop bar system.

Our Z Awnings are for when you want maximum protection against light and wind. With a fully sealed guiding system it can protect fully against incoming light and wind ( up to wind factor 6). All housed in a powder coated aluminium facade.

Electric Awning Accessories

Our wide range of electric awning accessories makes it possible to provide you with the uniqueness and versatility you desire for your outdoor living space.

Some examples include:

Additional wind and sun control, with a wireless sensor that is able to automatically retract the awning to protect it from strong winds and provide additional information about the sun’s intensity for the day.

A vibration sensor or wind sensor can be attached to retractable awnings and monitor the vibrations that occur due to wind. If the entered threshold is exceeded, the transmitter gives a signal for retracting the awning to the wireless motor. This option is recommended for large awnings and double awnings.

awning accessories

Lighting options can be used to illuminate your outdoor living space, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of the warm, summer evenings in style. Our most popular option is the LED light rail, which can be mounted on a wall, awning or patio roof. You can control the dimming steps of the light rails conveniently with a hand-held transmitter.

Radiant heaters, with their sleek, modern design and subtle lighting, are a beautiful addition to any outdoor living space. The infrared heating technology produces a pleasant warmth, helping you to create thar feel-good ambience on cooler evenings.

This is not an exhaustive list of all our accessory options, so please contact us if you have any specific requirements or need further details.

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