car park roller shutters

Our car park roller shutters come in various configurations to suit your car park, whether its a few spaces up to a multi storey.

Are you looking to secure your car park? There are many rules governing car park roller shutters you will need to look out for – 

Ventilation to prevent build up of fumes from cars. There are 3 different levels of airflow available – perforated, punched and grille. If your car park has sufficient ventilation you will be able to have a solid lath with no vision or airflow.

Different levels of security may be required for insurance purposes. Our shutters come in different thicknesses of 75mm lath. 22g (0.7mm), 20g (0.9mm) and 18g (1.2mm) These are selected based on the size of the car park shutter and the security required.

Car park roller shutters are nearly always electrically operated via a motor. This can be a single phase motor, or a three phase depending on your usage amounts. Direct drive three phase motors can generally handle up to 40 operations per hour.

We also offer a wide range of access controls and accessories for your shutters including remote control, automatic sensors, photocells and other safety devices.

These are all things to take into consideration and our team is on hand to offer advice for you.

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