Our premium range of vision shutters provide you with the stylish security system you need whilst letting light through.

Are you looking for a way of securing your property whilst letting light through? 

Perhaps you want your products to be visible while you are closed so you are not losing potential buyers. Our vision shutters are more aesthetically pleasing than solid shutters whilst maintaining the security you need for your business premises.

Our vision shutters are manufactured from either aluminium or steel depending on the size and level of security desired. These can be fitted either internally or externally depending on the requirements of your site.

There are 3 levels of vision styles available all letting in different percentages of vision.

Perforated – Small holes letting in around 20% vision.

Punched – Slots letting in around 60% vision.

Grille – Providing around 80% vision.

Also available are vision commercial shutters rated Secure by Design – LPCB to LPS1175 Security Levels 1-3. These are police and insurance approved an can reduce your insurance premiums!

These are all available in standard colours – white, black, brown and cream and also in a large range of RAL or BS Colours upon request to match the colour schemes and branding at your premises.

A range of operations are available including single key switch control, group management for use with a number of shutters and remote control.


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