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What are the Different Types of Garage Doors?

There are more types of garage door than you might think. In fact, there are so many options, it’s practically impossible not to find something that’ll suit your style, home décor, and practical requirements.

In this blog, we’re going to look at the most common types of garage door and consider why they may (or may not) be the right choice for you.

By the end, you should have a solid idea of which one to go for, but remember we’re always here if you have any further queries.


But, all I want is an electric garage door!

Fair enough – they’re super convenient.

However, unless you’re a garage door expert (and there are surprisingly few of those around), you probably won’t know the different types of garage door that can actually be electric.

The first and most obvious choice would be a roller or sectional garage door. They are, after all, more likely than not to be electrically operated.

But did you know canopy doors can be electric, too?

So, before you dive in and put your hard-earned money down, here are four types of garage door we think you should consider.


  1. Up and over garage doors

These are the most common garage doors, and have been for many years.

This is partly due to their cost, but also because they have simply always been preferred by new home builders.

It doesn’t make them any less desirable, though. Up and over garage doors benefit from a single panel design which lifts up and tilts open so that it lays flat above your head.

They’re secure, easy to use and simple to install. The only downsides are the space they take up in the garage and the fact they protrude while opening.


  1. Roller garage doors

Gradually becoming more commonplace due to a reduction in cost and undeniable convenience, roller garage doors are one of the best options if you want to save space inside your garage.

They’re made from individual slats which sit flush alongside one another. As the door lifts, the slats wrap around each other and retract entirely into a small box in the ceiling of the garage.

The benefit? Next to no space taken up in the garage itself and no protrusion while opening or fully open.

Roller garage doors are effortless and can be operated both electrically and manually. It makes getting in and out of the garage easier than most other types of garage door and they’re more affordable than you might think.


  1. Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are very similar to roller doors in that they open vertically to save space in front of the garage.

As they open, sectional garage doors rise and recess into vertical tracks. This admittedly takes up some roof space, but the door never protrudes as a result and the entire mechanism is pleasingly simple.

Sectional doors also provide a full opening through which you can drive and enable you to park right up next to the door without moving the car to get into the garage.


  1. Side-hinged garage doors

Although less common, side-hinged garage doors represent a brilliant option if you need something a little different.

They look similar to standard doors but provide quick, convenient access to the garage if you regularly go in there on foot.

Side-hinged garage doors usually come in half split or two-and-two-thirds split configurations and there’s lots of options, too. These include door stays which prevent the doors from crashing shut during high winds.

One of the best things about side-hinged garage doors is that you can add windows for extra natural light and upgraded locking systems for additional peace of mind.

Still unsure? That’s understandable. After all, it isn’t immediately obvious what noticeable difference or benefits you’ll see between a sectional and roller garage door.

That’s why the Horizons team is here. We know this stuff inside out, so why not get in touch and hit us with as many garage door questions as you can?