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What’s the Most Secure Garage Door?

Before we get into the meat of this, we’ve got some good news: there isn’t really such a thing as an insecure modern garage door these days.

That is, unless you buy from a bad supplier and fitter, of course.
However, get that element right, and you’re in for a safe ride, because modern garage doors are secure by design. Literally.
Let us explain.


What is Secured by Design?

Usually referred to as ‘SBD’, Secured by Design is an official police security initiative that has been developed to improve the security of buildings.

Primarily, this relates to building entrances and includes garage doors. It extends to specific types of buildings, too, and benefits from a huge design reference guide from which manufacturers create their products.

The good news is that if you buy a garage door from Horizons, it’ll have a Secured by Design rating, and that’ll give you ultimate peace of mind.

But are there other types of garage door that can be more secure? As it turns out – yes, there is!


Sectional garage doors are particularly secure

A sectional garage door consists of several sections, rather than a single panel.

These sections recess into the roof space of the garage during access and are consequently one of the most convenient garage door styles on the market. They’re simple to operate and, as a bonus, particularly secure.

This isn’t because they’re technically more secure, though. A sectional garage door with a great Secured by Design rating is technically no more secure than a roller door with the same rating.
However, by their very nature, sectional garage doors are simply harder to break into. There’s no obvious point for forced entry, and their solid construction would require super human effort to budge.

Just bear in mind that sectional garage doors aren’t the cheapest on the market. So if security is of particular concern to you, what other option do you have?


Canopy doors: the cost-effective option

Up-and-over garage doors remain one of the most popular choices for homeowners.

This is in part because of their lower cost, compared to roller doors and sectional garage doors. But that doesn’t mean they have to be any less secure.

Modern canopy up-and-over garage doors are really secure, thanks to their construction. A canopy door has a spring mechanism at the top of the door panel which forces a third of the door to stick out when open – hence the term ‘canopy’.

These doors benefit from heavy-duty security locks and smart opening and closing mechanisms which simply can’t be forced open. That’s plenty of peace of mind for very little outlay if your budget is constrained.


You’re in good hands these days

It’s really worth repeating that most new garage doors these days are extremely secure. And criminals know this.

Although garages are still targeted by the worst in society, there is a general acceptance that modern garage doors are rather tricky to get into. Therefore, if you invest in a new garage door for you home, you’ll be immediately raising the security of the property by default, regardless of the style you choose.

Still need help choosing the right garage door for your home? Just get in touch with the Horizons team for a full low-down of what’s available.